About Me

Me, freaking out at being so close to the edge of the Grand Canyon and a 1,000 foot drop.

Welcome!  My name is Charles Payet, and I'm an avid, passionate, and occasional photographer, which means that I do it when the mood strikes or when the chance arises.  I love sharing my images, but photography is thankfully not my full-time profession.  For that, I'm a dentist in Charlotte, NC.  I am thankful that dentistry has been a career that allows me to indulge my love of photography (and my photography gear) and travel, so it's been a good pairing.

For more about me, you can  visit my personal blog, The Art of Mindful....Oh Look a Squirrel!, where I talk about all kinds of things, including occasionally photography.  Also, I've begun building Photo Galleries of some of my interests below.  

As of 2019, with the impending demise of Google+ (my favorite social network ever, for so many reasons), I am making this photography website & the personal blog, my "home bases" for all my online content.  I simply don't want to rely on other people's platforms to host my own content any longer, because you just never know when they'll pull the rug out from under you.  You can still find me around social media at the links at the top of the page, but these are my "safe places," which I mostly control.  

Please enjoy, comment, share, and yes, prints are available for purchase wherever the "Buy" button can be found in the top right corner of a gallery.